With an assist from Duke Deuce and Ugly God, Brooklynite artist Casanova brings a whole lot of raw energy to the table. The visual cuts in quick succession to scenes of the artists occupying a store front, to a raging dance battle between two sides. Think of Soul Train meets crunk. Navigating bars about gunplay and hitting hoes from the back, the dancers bring an extremely explosive element to the song. The special FX editing of the video also makes it extremely entertaining to look at.

Off-White shirt, but the shoes don’t match/Do what I want, so I can’t get attached/The both of my pockets got rickity racks/Yeah, she let me beat from the back, yeah/She know I’m the shit, that’s facts/Niggas act dumb, let me pull up where they at/Bet he gon’ run when I ratatat tat/If I don’t got a gun, bet a nigga get slapped (No cap)/(Bah, woo, yeah, come here, woo, woo, woo, yeah, gang, gang, gang, gang)/I’m gon’ need them bands when I come through (When I come through)/Yeah, I’m gon’ do my dance, now how ’bout you? (Now, how ’bout you?)

The way Ugly God effortlessly flows on the hook makes the track that much more appealing.