It’s been a little minute since you fucked with me (Fucked with me)/Now, you hit me up, what you want with me?/Itchin’ my inner peace, when you said you miss, when you said you miss, when you said you miss me (Hi, baby)/Tell me when are you free (Are you free?)

‘Okay’, off Tobi Lou’s forthcoming album ‘Parrish Blue’, is a bop that creates quite the blissful atmosphere, despite the lyrics that detail a toxic entanglement. ‘Okay’ is one of those songs that put you in back of the club with a drink in your hand while a thick shorty throws it back on you. Then, after the club and the nightcap, y’all watch the sunrise together. That’s exactly how this joint makes me feel. I’m upset COVID ruined functions because this would definitely be in heavy rotation. If you ain’t bumpin Tobi Lou, I’m not comin!