C Stunna is back with a fresh new remix of his track “Motion” now featuring Loe Shimmy and Wizz Havin. Stunna brought Florida outside for this track having cameos from artists such as Luh Tyler in the visual. The meld of sounds from Florida’s most notable cities brought us a genuinely iconic record representing the state’s finest. C Stunna is making a name for himself without a doubt, his single “Al Roker” recently surpassed one million streams on Spotify a considerable benchmark for up-and-coming artists. 

Getting into the “Motion” remix let’s talk about the visual. A collaboration between Capturedxchris, who’s shot a majority of Stunnas visuals, and Cottooverdidit, who’s worked with many Florida artists, filmed in Broward County. This visual had all the energy of a classic hip-hop track, everyone was outside, knew the lyrics, and was rocking with the music. Each artist brought a different vibe and having them all film this together elevated the collaboration significantly. 

The track was already insane from the start, Stunna’s lyricism is top-tier serving all the notable quotables you need. With two new verses, each one playing off the original lyrics of the track it flows in a whole new way. The beat is dynamic with a classic bounce elevated by steel drums bringing an island-trap vibe. Wizz Havin comes in first, the Tallahassee native brings a raw sound and witty verse. When Loe Shimmy comes on, you know what it is, his voice is so unique and he came in hot. This collaboration was a big moment in Florida’s rap culture I love to see these artists really outside working together. 

It’s safe to say C Stunna is next up, he’s been making a buzz around the rap community for a few years and it’s time to take off. With his Spotify growing rapidly, new playlists every other week, and performances on various platforms including “fire in the booth” he’s putting in the work. If you’re not familiar with his music it’s time to get acquainted, start here with “Motion (remix)”.