I’ve sung my praises about Blue Mena’s brand of songwriting in the past. Through raw honesty and a candidness that’s equivalent to something you’d write in your journal, Mena art pop that explores the beauty and uncertainty of life as a non-binary person in your 20’s. They’re a wunderkind talent who’s got a spark that is waiting to ignite the music world in a fiery blaze, but until that moment happens they’ll remain our little secret. However there’ll be no gatekeeping here as we encourage you to share their latest drop with all of your friends.

Reminiscent of acoustic ballads from grunge artists that became weirdly popular in the late 90’s, Indigo is Mena’s unfiltered thought about their chronic illness and the effects it’s had on their mental health. The dejection of their turmoil is felt through the doldrum guitar, crafting an intimate space where the melancholy lyrics gently wrap themselves around you. Their voice yearns for freedom from this isolation, from consistent doctors visits, and from being alone. They never over exaggerate their voice either, maintaining a consistent level of sadness throughout the piece, almost as if they’re doing all they can to keep it together. It’s a refined beauty with a relatable core that’s hard to ignore.

“This is a 90’s acoustic-inspired ballad about my struggles with chronic illness. Dealing with health and the medical system at a young age and as a trans person has been a huge part of my life, and I wrote this track about the fact that the hardest part of being disabled isn’t being sick but rather the feeling of isolation. I hope this song can find the right people who might relate to what I’ve been going through. Production wise, this was one of the most fun tracks to make on the record. It all came together in a day or two at Short Stack studios in Greenpoint, and that ending still gets me emotional every time.”