The biggest compliment I can give to Jenna Raine’s latest single Stupid Cupid is that it’s one viral moment away from being in every Netflix teen movie. The Kissing Booth, He’s All That, this track would’ve been in prime position to feature HEAVILY on those soundtracks alone, so just don’t be surprised when in a few weeks time this ends up appearing on the latest Cole Sprouse or Noah Centineo movie.

Stupid Cupid opens with a lilting piano melody as Raine lays her heart on the line, building to a cathartic crescendo that you’ll be able to scream out into your hairbrush after a rough break up. She lets out a primal belt, unleashing all her pent up emotion in a flurry of expressive vocals, matching the energy coming from the anger filled electric guitars. Include a vibrant music video that goes through the motions with the song, and it’s clear to see why Jenna Raine is continuously hyped up to be the next big thing.

Easily something you’ll want to add to your break up anthems playlists, or if you just want to have a good driving song then feel free to roll down your windows, invite a couple of friends and scream it out for all to hear.