If you’ve stumbled across MEYY’s music in the past then you’ll likely have become accustomed to her ethereal R&B sonics, sensual lyrics, and hypnotising movements on stage. These elements have become a statement of her style, seducing her audience with her melancholy musings before giving them a show they’ll never forget. Today however, MEYY’s entered a new chapter in her musicality. Out of the window goes the sensual style that gave us flavours of The Weeknd, and instead she embraces cuteness, camp, and Kawaii in her new PC music influenced single.

Collaborating with rapidly rising UK songstress TWST, the single QT is a buoyant affair. Shimmering synths litter the soundscape with a gossamer sheen, forming a magical aura that matches the lovelorn lyrics, and reflects the head over heels story. Both sets of vocals hit their mark, individually weaving between the glistening electronics in harmonious fashion as the diaphanous atmosphere continues to build. In the final moments of the track, MEYY puts on the digital gloss that finishes this piece off in style, adding a new dimension to her immersive sonic world in the process.

We had so much fun making this track and I feel it’s reflected in the song. It’s so special to make music with people you admire. I was already a fan of caro♡’s projects, productions and PC Music in general before we got in the studio together so it was so exciting and inspirational to work together. Through her productions Caro crafts a new, bright and fun sonic world that opened up a new part of myself I hadn’t really explored in music before. I loved TWST’s work so I was thrilled she agreed to jump on this track with me. Her voice and aesthetic watermark complement and elevate the track beautifully.”