Callinsick is an artist who represents the unseen and unheard in the world. Growing up in a small town which barely anyone would know the name of, he takes the conversations he has with those people and transforms them into breathtaking pieces of insightful music, capturing the brilliance of life that is often hidden within the vales of the UK. It’s this introspective and insightful aspect of his music that truly comes alive in his debut single Cold Feet, capturing the little discrepancies, issues and disagreements that lead to an inevitable 12 hour long argument in a relationship. The thing is though, most artists would’ve had the end be a cataclysmic explosion to represent the argument but he doesn’t do that. Instead he captures the unnerving knowing that comes before the storm, the awkward silence and ongoing inner monologue of knowing what’s coming and how much it’s going to end up hurting you. His vocal cool as ice vocal brings the emotion to the forefront in evocative fashion with the calm yet suspenseful production elevating the emotion to new heights.

Growing up in Cumbria, Callinsick knows about how isolating the world can feel when there’s so little around and how easy it is to be forgotten. Now he’s making sure the people like him across the globe know that they’re being heard and that he will be their voice for many years to come. Dive into his debut now.

“Cold Feet is about the inevitable, stupid arguments you have in relationships. Little resentments that build up quietly until something insignificant ends up dragging you both into a 6 hour argument on a night out. It’s like the hours leading up to a bloodletting, you know it’s gonna hurt and you know it’s coming”