Born in Malmö, Sweden, rising singer-songwriter Skøien releases her latest single ‘Breathe’ produced by friend and collaborator Slowface. After successful collaborative singles with Slowface – ‘Hypnotized’ and ‘Rendezvous’, Breathe marks Skøien’s official debut single displaying her unique blend of R&B and Swedish dance pop production. Breathe sees Skøien’s smooth and infectious vocal tone take centre stage over a bouncy pop-trap inspired instrumental driven by a hypnotizing acoustic guitar melody and a rumbling 808 groove. Skøien varies her delivery with a self-assured R&B flow in the verses transitioning to a more energised and melodic chorus. When asked about her new single ‘Breathe’, Skøien explains that “I wrote my track ‘Breathe’ in a very sarcastic way, to portray the way I now think of myself in my past relationship. It was a very tumultuous chapter of my life, so getting out of that and writing this song almost gave me a little bit of closure for that relationship. Although it might just be one of my many coping mechanisms, I love to make fun of myself in that situation because I’ve now been able to move past it, with this song I guess.

Skøien’s catchy sound and style has not gone unnoticed with attention and offers from major labels in Sweden knocking on her door. Despite her minimal catalogue, Skøien has showcased her dynamic vocal range and pop-sensibility in her collaborative R&B and dance-pop records with Slowface.