We’ve all had moments where we’ve wanted to rekindle a past relationship, knowing deep in our minds that we were made for each other but weren’t made to last at that time. It’s an eye opening experiencing where we realise just how great we had it because they set the bar higher than the moon, but also realise how many of those little promises might never be for filled. These soul-stirring thoughts ran through the 19 year old Sadie Jean’s mind as she pined for a highschool boyfriend and wrote her incredibly relatable single WYD Now. The track is a confessional, capturing everything that Jean wishes their life could be like together now that the future doesn’t seem so far-away. From painting the walls in their own apartment, having their dream jobs and finding the spark they thought they’d lost, this song is essentially a Nicholas Sparks novel brought to life. You become attached to the pair and wish nothing that for them to reunite in glorious cinematic fashion where everything after the credits is just serene bliss, but on top of that you also find yourself within the single. The relatable lyrics, reminiscent of Taylor Swift and a dash of Joni Mitchell, allow you to cast your mind back to your own romantic past and wonder what might’ve been, whilst encouraging you to take the plunge and risk it for this moment.

Currently studying recorded music at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute, Sade Jean has written a song that will undoubtably feature in countless CW shows, Love Island specials and soundtrack our own romantic pining sessions. It’s a wondrously crafted single filled with raw heartache gravitas that will leave you reaching for the tissues.