When you see the song title Skateboard, I’m sure you were expecting a punk rock anthem for the skating community. One filled with exhilarating guitar riffs and high octane drums to match the energy of the sport. That’s not what we’re getting though, because Cameron Lane has done a 180 by making this song about her genuinely accidentally stealing a skateboard. Couldn’t be further away from what most skater songs are about, but I’m not complaining because this is a cracking song.

Growing throughout, this expands from mistakenly taking a skateboard to evaluating how her little mistakes turn into big feelings thanks to her inner monologue and anxiety ridden brain. The visceral lyrics surge into life through passion of Lane’s voice, immersing us within her emotional state amidst buzzing guitars and hazy drums as the narrative becomes crystal clear. It becomes a volatile display of evocative emotion, then the music recedes for a brief quiet moment, encapsulating everything that makes this track so impactful and gives it a high replay value.