There’s a divine synergy between’s warm, rich vocal tone and the silky stripped back production. The two have become inextricably intertwined within one another, creating a harmonious bond that’s become his signature calling card. Whatever song he drops, you know a meticulous blend between the pair will be featured, and it never fails to leave me in awe over this grandeur. He converts anyone who listens into a devoted fan within milliseconds, that’s how skilled at his craft he is.

His latest drop is sure to gather him a legion of supporters too. From the offset auburn brings classic into the modern era, forming a timeless sound that would soar in the 90’s as much as it would today. His deadpan delivery is injected with overwhelming amounts of emotion, balancing the fine-line between authenticity and reality as if he were Philippe Petit himself. The stunningly beautiful lyrics are sincerity in their purest form. Never masquerading under the guise of being a falsity, instead being as true as humanly possible with his audience with language that is admirably inclusive. Infuse this with a lushly laid out soundscape, and it becomes clear’s got something special here.