Cassidy King is a female power-pop juggernaut. I was lucky enough to see her live on her hometown tour in Ohio on her return from LA, and this gave me a unique insight to what she brings to fans of her music. 

Cassidy shares her experience on loving who she loves, and her music has become a safe space for those who feel the same way as she does. When an artist makes music about such vulnerable experiences, you assume it was a very internal search for clarity, but King shares that hearing people enjoy and relate to her music has been crucial in empowering her to be even more proud of who she is. 

Her latest single, ‘Matcha Tea’ is yet another time where she is unabashedly herself, and shares the intricacies of how she feels about the girl she has been dreaming about. While she sprinkles in riffs on the acoustic guitar, the message is really driven home with the room filling and spell binding production. We can all relate to how the small nuances of a person are what make us like them the most, and this time around, her love interest likes to thrift and travel, as well as matcha tea and flowers.