An amazing group of musicians who I recently discovered upon seeing them perform live was TC & The Groove Family. This eclectic ten-piece group of musicians is entertainment in its purest form. The group is working together to meld a variety of genres, cultures, and sonic experiences from all across the world. The collective is UK based so of course there are tons of musical cultures in their roots while also exploring afrobeat, breakbeat, jungle, and jazz genres in their melting pot of music. 

Some show highlights would have to be the energy you could immediately feel in the room, from start to finish everyone was moving their feet and dancing to the beat. Upon seeing all the instruments on stage my first thought was the show would be primarily musical, however, there were two key vocalists, one being Pariss Elektra, who knew how to control a crowd effortlessly. The show displayed tons of interaction getting everyone involved from centre stage to the back of the room. There is nothing quite like the feeling live music gives you, and this collection of talent is a genuine display of positive energy and good vibes. 

Some key moments for the band this year would have to be their appearance at Glastonbury Festival, one of the largest music festivals in the UK. Their 2022 album First Home is now available on major streaming platforms, alongside a few previously released singles. I couldn’t recommend listening to their music more and if possible catching a show, this is truly something you have to experience live.