Cece Coakley writes lyrics that you wanted tattooed on your body as a constant reminder and everyday mantra about how far you’ve come from where you were previously in life. Countless times she’s managed to craft relatable sentiments through her diary entry styled lyrics, effortlessly forming an everlasting connection with her listeners who become enamoured by her storytelling, natural ability to offer a shoulder to cry on and sensational advice giver. Past tracks like Listerine and Monday Morning live and breathe these statements, but her latest track made my jaw drop and left me floored by her talent.

With anthemic guitars and a powerful message behind it, Terrify You With My Heart is the type of track you’d expect to see during the third act climax of a movie where we see our main character realise their worth. They go from questioning whether they deserve to be loved, if they should change to gain the affection of another and how they love in general, to growing into a confident and empowering person who knows they’re more than just worthy of love. They deserve to be treated like they treat others. Coakley’s passionate vocal performance expresses this pain perfectly, evoking a strong sense of loneliness that resonates the second that powerful chorus arrives. This is the single that’ll help you get to the other side of that emotional bridge you venture across. It might be called Terrify You With My Heart, but the only thing terrifying about this is the amount of talent that’s on display.