Whilst most people enjoy envisioning themselves punching people in the face who they simply cannot stand, Hadji Gaviota is different because he wonders if there’s anyone out there who would love to punch him square in the jaw. This already has the makings of a limited Netflix series starring Will Smith as the puncher.

With a production reminiscent of The Beastie Boys mixed with the early stages of the D.I.Y British Punk movement, GOOFY! is an intoxicating experience where Gaviota serves as our boisterous narrator through his self-deprecating yet honest lyrics. We see him running through the back alleys of Manhattan with his former bully chasing him with all the ferocity of a lion hunting its prey, luckily Gaviota survived the chase and put out this anthem as a result. Filled with bombastic guitars that propel the track forward with enough momentum it could knock his former bully clean out, a looping drum beat that matches the pounding of his feet and vocals filled with the charisma of veteran performer, is it any wonder why he’s become so loved in the underground scene? Sub-teacher by day and musician by night, it’s clear to see Gaviota has that special flair.