S-X has just dropped his best track to date and, judging by the incredible reaction its been receiving, it’s destined to be a summer anthem here in the UK. The energy is one another level in Locked Out with the production having an unreal amount of buoyancy to it that propels the piece forward whilst getting your foot tapping and head bopping along to the beat in no time at all. However, what sets this single apart from other S-X singles is just how damn catchy it is. One listen to that hook and you’ll find yourself wanting to belt it out wherever you go; be it in the shower, on the commute to work, at the gym, or even in your room as you’re imagining putting on your own personal concert. It doesn’t stop there though because I’ve found myself consistently singing the verses too. S-X’s opener is one I’ve struggled to get out of my head, then KSI arrives for his feature and delivers one of his best features to date to make this a certified banger.

Everything about this single from the production and vocals to the hook and feature from KSI is addictive. S-X has produced what is arguably his best single to date and it feels like a monumental moment for this artist. Hyped to see what’s next.