I’d go as far as saying that Chappell Roan is one of the most underrated female pop artists in the game right now. Over two years ago she dropped the absolutely outstanding single Pink Pony Club, a track that’s still in my heavy rotation to this day, that conquered the queer market and had countless drag queens performing sensational lip syncs to it. In the midst of lockdown, she was the shining light that encouraged all to dance and embrace who we are, but she didn’t stop there though. With each release she continued to expand upon her fiercely loyal fanbase, creating a harmonious place where you’re free of labels, judgement and danger, look at her gigs if you need evidence of that. Opening for Olivia Rodrigo and working with Dan Nigro on her upcoming album, the sky’s the limit for Roan and she continues to excel today with her latest drop.

Opening with her dramatic vocal oozing evocative emotion with her unfiltered lyrics only adding to the vehemence she is displaying, Femininomenon is one of Roan’s best tracks to date and she certainly isn’t shy about expressing it. The chorus was made for nights out, being absolutely wasted on cocktails, grabbing your friends, and yelling that hook loud and out-of-tune for the whole world to hear. It fills you with unbridled joy as you cheekily dance to the high-spirited melodies and the thumping beat that reverberates through your body. Get this added to your Pride playlists, dance playlists, roadtrip playlists, heck even your cleaning the house and I need some sick songs to make it seem less painful playlist because Chappell Roan has got the IT factor with this song.