The resurgence of DnB in the UK’s underground scene has been a joy to behold. As we exited lockdown we were introduced to a plethora of artists embracing the chaotically frantic yet insatiably danceable world of DnB, transforming live shows into a cathartic realm where we unleash our anxieties and worries through an hour of non-stop frenzied dancing. One artist who’s entwined herself within the genre is the eclectic singer songwriter Charlotte Plank, who’s influences vary from the soulful voice of Amy Winehouse to the euphoric beats of The Prodigy in the dance world. Having already performed a live sell out show at the Brixton Academy with Rudimental, the 21 year old musician is now ready to start her own journey in true creative fashion with her uncontrollable debut.

From her gossamer voice to the spirituous beats, there’s something so inherently British about Hate Me that I can’t help but fall head over heels for. Her oscillating synths provide a shifting backdrop that propels the piece continually forward, never stopping or faltering in maintaining our interest as the production begins to expand into a breathtaking finale. Authentic lyrics depicting her own somber experiences are delicately crooned to you, giving the illusion of sitting outside a club with a friend baring their soul during an overwhelming situation. After one listen, it’s clear to see that Charlotte Plank has dropped an outstanding introduction that will resonate with fans long after the track has finished playing.

“The upbeat, happy sound of the track contrasts with what is ultimately sad lyrics.  It’s about never being able to let people in, and wanting to keep up a permanent facade/wall instead of letting people see the parts you may not like about yourself. As the hook states ‘so I’m gonna make you hate me, hate me like I do.’ The fact that you’d rather make someone hate you than let them get too close and under your skin is a defence mechanism. So I thought I’d put a spin on the sad undertone and make it a happy bop, so people don’t need to feel down about this kinda stuff, it’s a feeling that’s quite universal and it’s fine to put yourself and your feelings first.”