Whilst most people post-breakup want to do an Olivia Rodrigo and scream out there anger for the whole world to hear, the hyperpop musician Eva Grace has taken a different approach. No matter how much she tries, she cannot feel any hate or animosity towards her ex-partner and that’s because she realises that she was part of the problem. She relives each bad thing she did to them in vivid technicolour, despising herself the more she remembers the pain she caused him. Whilst other artists would masquerade themselves as the good one in a relationship, Eva Grace acknowledges her mistakes and takes accountability in i cannot h8 u, knowing she screwed up and openly wishes them the best despite the fact they want nothing to do with her.

Instead of an abrasive array of synths to signify the eruption of emotion like most hyperpop tracks tend to do, Eva takes a different approach with a quieter selection of synths and somber guitar melodies that capture the intimate thoughts swirling in her head. Through the delicacy of her voice you can feel her pain, you bare witness to how she hates herself but also loves herself because of him, leading to a booming bass arriving to represent this internal conflict. With unfiltered, confessional lyrics poignantly detailing her battle with herself and her committed performance, you’ll soon get flashbacks and realise that maybe not everything is as black and white as you perceive it to be.