If you’re a fan of any of Olivia Rodrigo’s early 2000’s rock influenced tracks like Good For You and Brutal then you really need to hop onto Chloe Berry. The 21 year old New Yorker has been writing songs since she was 7 and has always had a knack for wrapping her addictive melodies with bittersweet lyrics that will have you yearning for better days, and today is no different. Unbecoming in a nostalgia ladened single that allows us to look back at our past self in hindsight and wish we could go back to that time. A time where the world hadn’t took its toll on us where our self awareness has left us with anxiety, discomfort and an ever growing fear of what could happen to us, not helped by the horrifying events on the news either. It’s a bittersweet anthem for those leaving their adolescence and entering the realm of young adulthood, with her lyrics packing an almighty punch whilst her addictive guitar riffs have us dancing around our room with pure glee, it’s obvious she’s crafted a top quality track here.

She’s a gifted songwriter who will have you singing, “nostalgic for the me I used to be,” for weeks on end. If you dig this be sure to dive into the rest of her discography and experience her bedroom pop influenced indie rock tunes.