Kinrose’s latest EP ‘Easygrowing’ is an exercise in precise beat selection and lyrical rap that doesn’t drone on and instead evolves into a compelling narrative. His influence from the DMV sound is clear with a mash of multiple genres that create a fresh unique take on Hip-Hop as he slides seamlessly over the instrumentals. The spring themed, eclectic 5-track EP gives listener’s episodic insights into the rapper’s life, as the 24-year-old paints vivid scenes of what it was like entering adulthood in Maryland; one of the most exciting up-and-coming hip-hop scenes in the country. 

Aloof on a Roof is a standout from the project with a beautiful and personable vocal line that croons in a longing manner. The track is both energetic yet chill, it has a calming presence perfect for winding down and rolling up. The feature from unwanted has a lowkey, hazy delivery that helps switch the energy up but still blends in well to add some spice to the track. Kinrose’s commanding sense of melody and the song’s quirky production invite listeners in to experience the dynamic and diverse sounds of DMV hip-hop and is the perfect open to the project as a result.