Having been born and raised in Nottingham I can honestly say that the music scene there is heavily overlooked in the UK. Countless artists have emerged from the city and performed at some of the most iconic music points the city has to offer, from Rock City to The Bodega these places have seen raw talent emerge week on week. Whilst it remains overlooked acts like Kieran Ivy are bringing a much needed spotlight to the scene, with his natural songwriting ability and evocative vocal packing the impact of a head on car collision. He’s the definition of a hidden gem and his latest release feels like a defining moment in his journey.

Call Me Your Ex opens with this calming guitar melody before rhythmic hand clapping comes into play, can easily see this being done by a crowd at one of his live shows, and we’re finally greeted by his expressive vocal. The slight gruff his voice has immediately enhances the emotion of the piece, almost like a cry in some ways, making the lyrics feel like tiny little daggers piercing through your heart. This all builds throughout and by the end you’ll find yourself casually humming his intoxicating melodies as you find yourself within his honest storytelling.