The back end of 2022 was 100% CIL’s time. The young artist dropped a song that could be heard practically everywhere, radio, social media, TV, it became something you couldn’t escape. Since then she’s continued to ride the wave of the runaway success of One More Shot, garnering a large fanbase on TikTok, doing multiple large gigs, and even opening for Stevie Nicks on her tour, even managing to impress Nicks herself! Now that wave is becoming a tsunami with her latest drop Devil In Your Eyes continuing to impress her fans and music critics a like.

Her sultry, powerful voice is the selling point with it landing a visceral connection with the lyrics, lighting that spark that sets off a firework explosion once that chorus arrives. The 20 year old’s intense songwriting is palpable, allowing the lyrics to wrap around you with the emotional weight they carry to form an everlasting connection with CIL. The blues driven guitar riffs adds to the plight, giving the aggressive emotion something to bounce off of in a frenzied fashion. We soon reach the grand climax, and at that point if you’re not a fan of CIL then I don’t know what else I can say to convince you. Other than that she’s a powerhouse talent.