Recently Grimes made her voice open to the public with GrimesAI-1 Voiceprint, which allows the public to replicate her voice. The reason for this? She wanted people to make music with her AI voice, something that no other mainstream artist has fully embraced up until this point, there’s even been a lawsuit because of AI voices at the moment. She’s dipping her toes into this world and allowing creative musicians from across the world a chance to, technically, have a collaboration with Grimes. A couple have already entered the world, Elf Energy, Do You Feel, and Ether which features an equally disturbing video. However, there’s one which showed the full potential of what this open source technology can do, making me excited and quite afraid.

Kotomi, a well know composer, has made a track that could’ve come out on a future Grimes album. In Another Life is eerily similar to the artist but there’s little tells that makes it easier to see it’s someone else behind the voice. Mainly the fact that I can’t see Grimes doing a Millenial Whoop in any music she ever produces. The production is outstanding, hitting a sweet spot between ethereal yet otherworldly but slotting into more of a modern pop context. It’s easily something that could chart and, if all goes according to plan for the artists, that could very well happen.

The future of AI and music is both exciting and terrifying right now. From here, lets see where technology can take us.