Yesterday, star songwriter and standout lyricist CyHi unveiled his innovative video series ahead of his forthcoming album titled ‘BARCODE’. I have been a fan and supporter since ‘Royal Flush’, a self-released mixtape the GRAMMY-nominated artist put out in 2010, and I am excited about his new project. His video series of the same name ‘BARCODE’ includes appearances from Instagram famous talents like B Simone, Desi Banks, Emmanuel Hudson, Karlous, Nav and more. Every Wednesday until the release of his album, he will share a new video from his series.

The series will feature live performances, comical skits and interactive tools, including Q&As with CyHi, exclusive merch, live chat functions and more. ‘BARCODE’ also has a segment, in which, viewers will have the opportunity to donate, with a portion of the proceeds going towards the release of CyHi’s forthcoming album, as well as funding prison reform initiatives and assisting with medical attention for a multitude of prison facilities.

I’ve been kept silent for a while, just biding my time, but now I’m ready to start sharing myself in a way I haven’t done before, said CyHi. ‘BARCODE’ has allowed me to showcase my screenwriting skills and acting ability in the most creative and impactful way possible.

Check out the trailer below, and come back to GRUNGECAKE for the first release tomorrow (Wednesday, November 14).