Early this year Jordan Suaste came out with the break out hit Body, a track that is still on heavy rotation for me (as well as Hookup Culture), and this track launched the singer into the spotlight authentic lyricisms and candid delivery capturing the hearts of music lovers across the globe. The 19 year old has never been afraid to express his inner most thoughts and share his own sensitivity whilst simultaneously being unapologetically himself and he encourages us all to find the beauty within ourselves as well. He’s already proven to be one of the biggest artists to watch in 2020 with countless A&R’s, record labels and music publication thinking so and his latest release Patience is only going to help their cases.

“‘Patience’ was really an ‘in the moment’ type of song,” says Suaste. “The vocals are all from the first take and we weren’t super stressed about anything when writing it, we just were all trying to experiment and have fun. The song is essentially just about being over someone’s bullshit and we found a really fun way to express that.”

The piece perfectly captures the pain and frustration of falling for someone emotionally unavailable, the yearning for them mixed with the days, weeks and even months of waiting for them to decide the time is right only for you to realise that time will never come. There’s a raw authenticity to the piece with Suaste delivering a magnificent vocal performance, going from a quiet earnest vocal during the opening before slowly building to the grand crescendo that see his vocal take full flight in magnificent fashion as out emotional investment hits its peak. This is just the beginning on what looks to be a stellar career for this rising artist.