Danny Schiller is a rising talent in the music industry that many have begun to take notice of due to his trademark nostalgic writing style and charismatic energy on social media. With his latest project “Hasta La Dorada”, written and produced with delicate intricacy, the EP flows naturally as each new track tells the story of Danny’s journey, written during his travels to Spain and Mexico where he worked with renowned producers including Baird (BROCKHAMPTON, Kevin Abstract, Dominic Fike), Gabe Acheson (Goldwash, Kevin Abstract), and Roy Borland (Sebastián Cortés, daniel sabater). The production value paired with lyricism and poise is undeniable.

The title of the EP comes from the book “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In the book, the main character tells a boat captain that they will continue sailing “hasta la dorada”. While their final destination is unknown, this boat journey they will take represents an eternal love between the two main characters. The sound of this EP encapsulates this feeling well, with wide ranging melancholic, romantic, sweet and classic sounding Alt Pop music all around. Schiller has certainly show his capability with this sterling piece of work.