Apple Music’s Dotty joins Wizkid at The Roundhouse in London to discuss what fans can expect from his Apple Music Live Performance, which will be available to stream on Apple Music next Monday, November 14 at 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST / 8 PM UK time. He also discusses his new album ‘More Love, Less Ego’, being an ambassador for the continent of Africa, and more.

Photos: Courtesy of Apple Music

Video | Wizkid discusses new album ‘More Love, Less Ego’ and previews Next Week’s Apple Music Live performance

Wizkid on titling his new album ‘More Love, Less Ego’

It’s part of my life, man. It’s like a progression, you know? The last one was made in Lagos; that’s where I’m from. You already know where I’m from though, and that one’s just to show you where, what the world needs actually, at this time, right now at this moment, is a whole lotta love. I, I have a lotta love (laughs). I have four kids, man. When my son kisses me at night, like, “Goodnight”, or, like, you know, when he’s going to school or, like, you know, that’s, that fills my heart. You can’t even buy that type of love, you know? That’s all that matters. Like, this is pretty much all I live for. My kids’ happiness, me taking care of people close to me, you know, my friends, like, spreading a lotta love, man, just doing what I do best by making amazing music. That is, like, the most important thing to me in my life. Absolutely More Love, Less Ego, man. Everyone needs it, especially right now. And this war in Ukraine, man, 2022, right before our eyes. They are bombing people right now in Africa. It’s crazy. This is the album that helps too.

Wizkid on why he’s excited about his Apple Music Live performance

This is very important to me, you know, because I don’t usually do this, so it is very rare and important that I do this, especially for this album, you know? You, you understand it probably after you listen to the album; you get it. But, it’s going to be fun, and I didn’t want to say much, you know? It’s like I’m gassing my tin…. this is, this is, like, one of my biggest dreams, to actually come watch a Wizkid show like this, but I can’t.

Wizkid on what he wants his fans to feel watching his Apple Music Live performance

A lotta love. A lotta love in your heart. That’s what I want you to feel.

Wizkid on not putting himself in a box

I make all types of music. There’s nothing I can’t make. I don’t put myself in a box. I’m a musician from Africa, but first things first, I’m a musician. If you put in work, there’s no way you’re gonna lose. I wanna show the kids from back home there’s nothing you can’t do.

Wizkid tells Apple Music about being an ambassador for Africa

I would just be lying if I said I don’t, but absolutely, yeah, man. You know, I’m trying as much as possible to be, to take this substance to the highest of the highest heights. I wanna show the kids from back home, there’s nothing you can’t do, right? If I can do it from Surulere, trust me, anybody can actually do it.

Wizkid on what this chapter of the Wizkid story represents

More Love, Less Ego, man. What the world needs actually at this time, right now at this moment, is a whole lotta love.