With Davey Legend I’m used to being greeted by a chorus of vibrant electronics that could bring life to a funeral home, turning any dead atmosphere into one teeming with the technicolour life you’d expect to see at a club in Shoreditch, London. Today though, we get something that’s more akin to your first slow dance at a school party and it’s so sweet yet evocative emotionally you’re probably gonna end up having a cavity. We’re entering a new era of this 21 year old artist and this single is him giving us a brief introduction to what is to come.

GOLIATH uses an array of metaphors to relating his own anxiety of feeling as if the world is routing for him to fall to the ground before his journey has even begun, making it seem like David is all his anxieties ready to take him out. His heart-wrenching vocal quavers with pain, crooning the lyrics with such devastating anguish allowing you to form a connection with Legend. Every word he utters you believe, you soon begin to experience his pain as if it were your own and swiftly want to be his shoulder to cry on in this moment of darkness. All this goes on whilst an M83 mixed with The 1975 production from Legend and MCX plays on to bring you into the depths of his inner psyche.