The UK’s grime scene is entering a golden era right now. With the new generation of talent taking over the UK’s charts and dominating any form of social media with their blunt flows regarding the reality of living in the UK striking a chord with the youth and making their views feel heard once again. The mainstream is thriving and the underground has hit a whole new level of talent, you just have to look at David GotSound to get an idea of this. Nurturing his rap talent from a young age, he’s never faltered in creating music that expresses his own experiences of young black man pursuing his dreams in London, weaving together sonic tapestries that are as elegant as his stories are poignant.

The title track of his latest mixtape Greatness Isn’t Given gives insight into his unbridled ambition. He focuses on how the journey will be long, how many mountains he’ll have to climb and how many miles he’ll have to track, but knows he can go the distance. He knows the crowds will cheer when they see his face, knowing that legendary status isn’t given at the drop of the hat and instead focusing on how his hard work will see his talent get recognised. It’s raw, it’s powerful, it’s insightful and it’s downright relentless. This artist is flourishing into a grand emerging talent in the UK’s scene.