When you combine two creative powerhouse talents like Brayden Tabakian and Tanisako you know you’re going to get some music that could produce enough heat to rival the sun. This pair have individually been setting the music world alight, garnering praise from across the globe and a loyal fanbase to match. Now fusing their talents and fanbases under the name Home Late, this pair become a juggernaut duo’s that’s capable of producing banger after banger with both showcasing their individual talents in a new light. Their debut Skydive received a lot of love but there followup sees them elevate their talent to a whole new level.

Rather Stay Home is edgy, raw and massively impactful. The ominous industrial synths of Brayden Tabakian littered around the haunting soundscape, producing something that’s akin to a Jon Bellion and Rag’n’Bone Man collaboration, complimenting the dynamic vocal of Tanisako flipping like a coin between gentle melancholia and expressive torment effortlessly. It’s best described as a sonic tightrope walk, effortlessly balancing itself above the pit monotony below, ensuring every second is exciting, invigorating and enthralling. The verses allow you to invest in the emotion of the story before the chorus arrives to give your head something to bop along to and scream the lyrics out as if you’d gone through this internal suffering yourself. This duo are going to thrive this year.