Deadfish and heylog’s collaboration is a prime example of how two different vocal styles can blend together to form something utterly admirable. Deadfish, a raw, dramatic vocal with evocative scream filled moments that let the palpable emotion and energy of his music to transcend onto you as if you were going through his pain alongside him. Heylog, a smooth tender vocal that focusses on quieter moments, making his soft spoken tone perfect for diving into his inner most thoughts and bringing you into an intimate setting. Two parallels that end up bouncing off of each other in glorious fashion that allows you to express you emotion in whatever way you see fit.

That’s what broken is all about, not hiding your emotions but setting them free by being honest with yourself. Throughout the single we’re greeted by a myriad of relentlessly melancholy lyrics that will leave you weeping inconsolably as they pierce through your heart in a matter of seconds, “My tears accompany me each time I miss you.” Include the dynamic production of tender quiet moments and booming explosions as well as the previously mentioned vocals and you’ve got a true winner.