Honest storytelling. That is Abigail Osborn’s songwriting to a tee. Never masquerading behind an Instagram like filter that portrays her life as something with more grandeur and beauty. Instead she is as real as they come, not afraid to let people know how she’s made mistakes in the past or done things she’s not proud of, being brutally raw and bluntly honest to make her music make an instant connection with young fans all over the world. It’s coming of age soundtrack music which captures the chaotic nature of adolescence as well as the subtle moment of wondrous joys that can come from it as the chaos unfolds before you.

Opening with an ambient guitar and her isolated vocals before the chorus kicks in, Ruin Your Night is as brutally honest as they come. Written after a rough break up of a 3 week relationship, Osborn noticed a recurring pattern in her life where she’s fall for someone rapidly before pulling out at the last second to avoid getting more damaged in the long term, hurting who she cared about in the process. Her wilting vocal portrays with expert precision, weaving in-between the melancholy melodies that litter the soundscape before arriving at a euphoric chorus that lets all these feelings out in one short, but expressive, burst. Include diary entry lyrics with a stellar visual attached and you can let Abigail Osborn try to ruin your night, but I honestly think this track will just enhance it.