Time to bump another track in my car from Paris Williams. Honestly, nothing makes a car journey to work go quicker than when you’ve got one of his tracks blasting out your speakers, heck the entirety of my daily scheduled walks during the summer of 2020 were soundtracked by his Cocoa EP. He doesn’t stop that trend today with Chunky being a single that will easily put a bit of pep in your step. Impeccable vibes are featured throughout the production with a chunky bassline encouraging your head to bop along to the beat throughout, there’s a fun energy throughout that makes this a song I desperately need to see live. His lyrics are as grand as ever and his flow continues to leave me begging for more as it ebbs and flows through the chunky beats with the precision of a master craftsman who’s passion is rapping.

This another peach of a track from the 23 year old Muskegon, Michigan native. If you haven’t already, dive into this guys discography and be treated by a wide range of out of the box hip hop delights. I know I’ve been enjoying the sonic wonder for the past two years!