Perth Band Dear Sunday has come a long way since their debut in 2020. Fresh on the Australian West Coast scene, they’ve already made a big name for themselves. Harbouring infectious energy, Dear Sunday accommodates their fanbase with energetic tunes and a cheeky persona.

Their track ‘Heaven Or Hell’ screams summer! The perfect mix of reggae and soft rock, accompanied by the intoxicating rasp of the lead vocalist; this piece allows listeners to feel a sense of warmth amongst the evidently high energy of the chords. You can certainly tell that this four pierce are all great friends, as the track displays a cohesive fun sound.

The song itself amplifies a struggle within one’s mind, ‘Do we feel the same, or am I dreaming?’. The mental torture of trying to figure out if someone you’re interested in feels the same. The outcome being compared to heaven or hell, a comparison often felt when there’s uncertainty involved. The perfect fit for a relaxed afternoon with friends, or a tune to pump during a party, Heaven Or Hell fits any vibe.

Talented yet humble, Dear Sunday are set out for success. Having recently completed a short tour around Western Australia celebrating their 2-year birthday as a band, we should be expecting big things from the boys in the near future. It’s transparently obvious that this band is one to keep a close eye on.