Heartfelt songwriting and Sophia Alexa go hand in hand like cream cheese and bagels. Her sentimental odes to the trials and tribulations we experience tug on your heartstrings, with her authentic lyrics being the core of this mesmerising sound. She balances the jubilance that comes with making it through to the other side and the melancholy running through our mind as we battle through with expert levels of care. She’s a truly bewitching musician, forming a coalesce of emotions that articulate the modern human experience like an award winning novelist and today she tackles the way others perceive us.

The Way You See Me is a lovelorn single that brings out the evocative pain of realising the person we’ve fallen head over heels for, doesn’t see us the way we want them to. Being reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Alexa translates her suffering through poetic lyrical displays, weaving a narrative together that becomes a cinematic experience for any listener. We witness the story unfold, the solemn opening, the dramatic middle and grande finale where the spectrum of human emotions all come swirling together to reveal a vibrant end that will leave you a touch teary-eyed. If you’re looking for the modern day re-incarnation of Stevie Nicks, look no further.