An artist I recently discovered and fell in love with instantly was Deb Fan. Her aura, voice, and overall vibe are truly captivating. In this particular piece, I’d like to highlight her recent release “Headlights” which has me hooked from the first few seconds. It has an empowering sense to it and makes you feel like the most compelling person in the room. The production is filled with deep moody elements, paired with soft instrumentals and a steady clap-kick pace.  

The best way to listen to this track is to set a vibe in the comfort of your room, a sunset drive just as it begins to get dark, or whatever environment makes you feel like you can lose yourself in the music. This song will transport you into a self-empowering mind state, the lyrics, the commanding mysterious vibe, and Deb’s enchanting vocals are a match made in heaven. My personal favorite lyrics which capture the essence of this single are, “And I’ll make you mine / Out of all these pretty boys / That want my love bites”

We’re also lucky enough to have a visual already paired with this masterpiece! The music video is a gorgeous complement to the work, the color palette is everything. We see a story unfold of Deb Fan as the protagonist, encountering a male love interest who she proceeds to kidnap and take off to a deserted scene. Jen looks absolutely stunning in different shades of blue for a variety of looks that tie into the palette. 

This single is truly not one to pass up, I’m not sure what else could be said to sell you on the fact it’s a stellar work of art. Be sure to explore Deb’s full catalog, 2022 has been a great year for singles and we’re really starting to see the foundations of her career come into place. Give it a listen, add it to your playlist, and tell a friend to tell a friend Deb Fan is up next!