Hong Kong based musician Derek Chan has been rapidly rising in his homeland with his music slowly picking up steam in the South-East Asia market and he’s been making his way into western side of hemisphere now too with his music baring a striking resemblance to the likes of Frank Ocean mixed with a bit of Justin Bieber. Throughout 2020 he’s been growing his sonic identity to become the rising star he’s now known as today with his soundscape going from mainly guitar lead pieces with a subtle synth flair, that is reminiscent of some of EDEN’s earlier music, to his more chilled out electronica styled music with an R&B twist that’s become more prominent in his latest releases.

Within FINE WINE we get to see this journey I mentioned but more through his perspective, honing in on the things that a lot of us will not of seen such as his ongoing inner battle as to whether pursuing music was a wise choice, the sacrifices he had to make to get to where he is and people he lost along the way. He spares no details in talking about the highs that’ve made him feel light headed to the dizzying lows that brought him crashing down back to earth. However, as he states within his pensive lyrics, these trials and tribulations help us grow and how as time goes on we become better people, we age like fine wine.