We’re going through a renaissance currently where the singer-songwriter is beginning to dominate the music world once again. In amidst the electronic distortion, and heavy pop hooks the humble guitar with a celestial voice stand out from the crowd. Many artists are emerging from the underground, and baring their soul to the world but it’s Devon Gabriella who’s managed to capture my attention.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve like a badge of honour, Gabriella prides herself in helping people through their most vulnerable place. Offering them a shoulder to cry on, and a place of solace to reside in when the world around them is crumbling apart. It’s honest songwriting in its purest form, and that’s what her fanbase have become enraptured by her poetic tales of loss, heartbreak, and everything in-between.

Today she continues to leave us reaching for the tissues in How Could You? With a gentle guitar melody, the single starts off how you’d expect most break up tracks to by bringing you deeper into her intimate mindset. Where this differs is that you can feel her frustrations grow, the pain becomes palpable and she unleashes it in a fervent chorus designed to be screamed at the top of your lungs whilst raising your middle finger high into the air. Devon Gabriella puts into words what you can never figure out how to say.