D’Lemor’s heavenly voice will move mountains, especially with the release of her debut single, “Shine,” an ode to humanity and to the best qualities we, human beings, have. While the world is tormented between the Covid-19 crisis, wars, and all sorts of violent acts, D’Lemor appears a savior of our most valuable essence, love. She is there to remind us all that we can heal from our past, difficulties, hardships, and pains, just by letting go and pressing play on “Shine.” She has also announced that she will be releasing a debut album, Your Lens Of Love, very soon. Born in Poland, she moved to the United States with her family, and has been living in New York City since, working as a designer for many years. She has always been passionate about music, and attracted to all forms of beauty and art. 

The music she makes is just utterly blissful and entirely comes from the deepest of her heart, a feeling and purpose that channels magnificently though each and every second of her new single, “Shine.”