After eight years of silence, the Polish DJ and producer Drist made his comeback epic with the release of six EDM mind-blowers, and of course, his best sounding hit “City Lights” perfect for all situations and circumstances. With his recent release “Not Enough,” the artist once again tops himself and sets the bar even higher. In 2019 the insanely talented Drist released new tracks, each better than the other. With “City Lights,” it seemed that the artist reached his maximum as nothing edgier and masterful was possible to imagine. Drist, however, proved us wrong. The artist even mentioned that “City Lights” and “Not Enough” are only the beginning. So we can’t wait for his new releases and see what he does with his signature sound further.

Meanwhile, you will feel like you are never getting enough of this new born to be hit “Not Enough.” The track is an EDM anthem, filled with house vibes, upbeat sounds, groovy elements, edgy vibes, and laid back, chill-out tunes. The atmosphere that the track creates is utmostly inviting and beautiful. The lyrics prowl into the depths of your soul and bring back to the surface the memories and pain of losing someone dearly close to heart. In the opening part, Drist sings: “It’s been getting pretty lonely since you’ve been away,” setting up the mood of the track. 

“Not Enough” is a mix of different sounds and vibes, altogether leading to a beautiful journey into your own depths.