R&B fans have waited too long praying that the genre returns to the prominence it used to enjoy in the mid-90s. Do you remember the golden era when there was an endless supply of radio hits? Oh, what a time it was! Relax, it seems like Sadé Awele is taking the situation under her control by releasing the official music video for her Afro-soul, neo-soul, contemporary R&B single titled “Care” featuring Bamzy.

From the first seconds on, her beautiful vocals shine through while she spreads the powerful message among her listeners. Sadé Awele is delivering us a powerful notification that we have to value ourselves and step away from things that don’t serve us.
The track seems to have some 90s R&B influences going on with backing vocals throwing in some instantly catchy melody lines. “Care” has a bit more of a beat going on, but is still understated, giving way to Sadé’s delicate vocals, as well as the beautifully soaring melody lines the pre-chorus and chorus have going on.
“Care” is a passionate, honest, empowering, and beautifully melodic step into the music industry.

Check out the atmospherical visuals that will create a distinctive mood of romance by clicking the play button below: