Right now, somewhere far far away in a high school classroom, students unknowingly sit beside Lorem’s own dyl dion. In all honesty, the students probably know who he is because, to no complaints, I can’t seem to get his name out of my release radar as of late. To say 2022 has been a killer year for the young artist would be an understatement… this dude is on a roll, except with unstoppable momentum that quickly overcomes any obstacle in his way. Today I write his A1234 debut on his new enthralling record, under your weather.

The self produced bedroom-pop artist shows his talents in full clarity here. He bestows hope into his listeners, writing mature lyrics on the topic of feelings being temporary, and how the future is inevitable so why not just lean into it? The message is paired with an equally uplifiting production, centering around a guitar melody that I still cannot get out of my head. The vocals mesh perfectly with the rest of the song, each melody adding something new and special to the track. Dyl has a unique way of using pitch shifting in his mixes, something I recount upon each listen. Dyl invites the listener to lose their worries, and for three minutes, allow themselves to see a stress free life. Seems we all need some of that as of late.