If you’ve followed Pardyalone’s music for a while now then you’ll know how his music often leans on the emotional side. He’s often creating swirling pieces filled with passion and power that allows the listener to showcase the pain they often keep hidden inside, expressing it in a way that is both cathartic and relieving. However in not a home we see the artist venture into much more vulnerable territory. Gone are his industrial beats and his overall abrasive production, instead he’s brought it an acoustic guitar with calming chill hop beats to back him up. He’s created an intimate landscape for him to completely open up to us, vulnerably showing his innermost thoughts about a past relationship through heartfelt confessional lyrics and a beautifully poignant vocal to match. It’s much more minimalistic compared to previous release and that’s a good thing. He doesn’t need anything but his passionate performance here to captivate us from start to finish.

The 22 year old artist switches it up consistently with his music, going from high energy thrill rides to symbolic, tender numbers but at the heart of it all remains his emotion. He never wavers in that department, always giving his all and making us relate and understand him more as a person with every release.