From The Eden Project to where he is now, EDEN is an artist who’s proven time and time again the amount of unmeasurable talent he possesses. End Credits was the highlight of the 2015 music calendar, XO is a pivotal track in the online Soundcloud era of music and his cover of Billie Jean is still in my heavy rotation to this day. Now we’re getting his first drop since the heavily acclaimed 2020 album no future, ironic consider he’s had an everlasting future in the music world, EDEN shines once again and leaves us all begging for more.

Through a flurry of warped talking patterns, glitched out synths reminiscent of your computer having a brief meltdown and effervescent beats, EDEN’s signature voice cuts through it all in Modern Warfare. Rustic instrumentals arrive into the fray and clash together with the clean-cut electronics, reminiscent of XO in many ways, to form a world where the organic meets the modular in a blissful euphonic collision. It continues further has his vocal glides between distorted auto-tune and authentic realism, making his lyrics about the blurred lines between reality and online reality all the more enthralling. I hope EDEN never stops his outstanding sonic world building.

“This song is a meditation on the blurred lines between life and interaction online and irl. There was a time where I had rejected certain aspects of social life by refusing to use the tools of our time, and modern warfare came after a period of reintegration. There is a sense of maturity coming into these spaces and situations after time away, despite how urgent everything can feel. An ability to not be dragged into the reactionary anxiety that is so often associated with social media. This is not to say that there isn’t plenty of anxiety to be found elsewhere – just that knowing what you want from things is a helpful way to avoid getting rekt. Water off a digital duck’s back.”