EKKSTACY unveiled his debut album NEGATIVE in the latter stages of 2021 and immediately showed his expressive class, undying charisma and commanding presence his soundscape possesses. The Vancouver based indie star blended the early 2000’s era of emo rock with the thrilling guitars of classic Brit rock and insatiable hooks from contemporary indie pop, giving his music a fresh taste that was completely his own. It was an utterly outstanding debut album, compelling in every way imaginable and made you contemplate the meaning of the artistic project long after it was finished playing. With all of this being said, it should come as no surprise that his first offering in 2022 is another jewel to add to his back catalogue.

Mystique on full display with a hazy vocal floating through the misty soundscape, I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING expands upon his debut and ignites a flame that shines as bright as the sun whilst giving us a brief glimpse as to what will come next. The opening will become a fan mosh-pit favourite at every live show and it doesn’t stop there. The atmospheric yet simultaneously raw guitar riffs explode into life, diving deep into the emotion he has on display and allowing anyone who behold it to unleash it in a thrashing moment of cathartic anger. Lyrically introspective and a visual that matches the vibe beat for beat, EKKSTACY is keeping his momentum going as he looks to explode into 2022 with absolute style.