Falling head over heels in love with someone is just about the greatest experience someone can ever wish to go through, but it often ends up in heartbreak where we’re left crying on our bed whilst eating a tub of ice cream. We still go back to the same cycle though, ready to experience that high all over again even if we end up hurt.

The Welsh songwriter Edie Bens has penned those feelings into Head Over Heels that will have you fondly smiling for the love you’ve found, and shedding a silent tear for those that left you heartbroken. Inspired by iconic country songwriters like Dolly Parton and thriving modern pop artists like Holly Humberstone, Bens crafts an alternative country number that is timeless. She captures your attention from the offset, whether you’re indie lover who fantasises over seeing Oasis reunite or a country fanatic you’ll become enamoured the second you behold her elegant storytelling. That’s what makes her so spellbinding, her natural ability to weave a narrative together that takes you through highs, lows and every emotion in-between. It’s like Morgan Freeman narrating in a movie, you can’t help but be enthralled.

From growing up in a small farm in Wale with a pet owl and the world’s largest dog (genuinely in the Guinness Book of World Records), Edie Bens has gone from living the rural life to releasing intimate songs that will leave you breathless.