Through heart-swelling melodies, a delicate timbre, and intricate storytelling that paints an authentic artwork within our mind, Elise Bourn has crafted a sensational debut single Fire Eyes. Her hauntingly beautiful vocal creates an ethereal aurora surrounding her soundscape, allowing an intimate bond to form between you and her as the intricate melodies she’s craft wrap themselves around you in a loving embrace. She artfully begins to weave a tale across her sonic tapestry, baring witness to her lovelorn emotions as she brings you deeper into the inner workings of her mind. Gently crooning poetic lyrics, she pulls back the curtain to showcase her passionate yearning of this person, demonstrating the purest act of love and allowing herself to be the most vulnerable she’s ever been.

Being both a confessional love songs and a heart-wrenching break up tearjerker, Bourn’s authenticity has lead to us being able to project our feelings onto her musings. The versatility of her storytelling allows her narrative to correlate to whatever joy or pain you’re experiencing. She becomes a worthwhile cheerleader of your love and a shoulder to cry on in solace after a break up. This debut showcases Bourn’s ability to convey deep emotion with her writings, with her unfiltered thoughts serving as diaristic lyrics that pull at our heartstrings. Her fiery eyes are lit with passion, Bourn is a powerhouse songwriter.