If you’re after an artist who’s passionate about his craft and offers a fresh perspective on the hip hop genre, whilst also possessing a wide breadth of fuck the world styled lyrics, then hop onto po9t ASAP.

The all round musical talent based out of Richmond Virginia, turned to music to release his frustrations about his depression, anxiety, and emotions, turning it into his own form a therapy. His artistic expression lead to some high flying tracks that took TikTok by storm, garnering himself a cult fanbase in the process. This quickly built foundation allowed him to look upwards, hoping to turn this solid base into a towering skyscraper that would reach heights he previously only dreamt of.

Having craft his own voice, he’s not injected his blood, sweat, tears, and emotional damage into soundscape, creating Ghosts in the process. The lo-fi hip hop number opens with the relaxed chords of a ukulele, then juxtaposing them with melancholy beats to give his sharp flow a backdrop that emulates his emo-rap driven lyrics. His morose voice evokes a pain unlike any other, only amplified further by the moody backdrop, allowing you to wrap yourselves up in the emotion and stew in sadness until you’re ready to emerge to take on the world once more.

Whilst most viral TikTok artists become a brief flash in the pan, po9t looks like he’s ready to be the fire that burns the house down.