If you’re looking for something to add to your chill fall playlist filled with sad indie bops for the dropping temperatures, I’m here to suggest bassea’s “no cure”. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter based in Paris, France is inspired by the likes of Still Woozy, Omar Apollo, and Bruno Major. His music is beautifully produced, there are many riffs of gentle guitars, dreamy piano pieces, and the occasional electronic alt-pop elements. 

Let’s turn our attention to “no cure”, I’m honored to introduce you to this track, it’s truly gorgeous. Bassea’s vocals make him a great fit to be your next indie-pop boy crush that won you over through the music. His tone is soft and gentle, from the start of the song he carries us lightly over the whimsical guitar strum. The production gradually moves into a dream-like state, with a twinkling of sounds that evokes feelings of floating through the sky. I could honestly listen to an instrumental version of this single with ease, the music itself is a work of art. 

To dive into the lyrics let me highlight the subject matter of this piece. Bassea recounts the feeling of one of those days when you just want to disappear, stay in bed, and forget all the things that run through your mind. He shares feelings of falling into this state of disinterest with the world, yet also a hopeful ode to being okay in the end. The lyrics “Now this time I’m right / Now this time I’m sure / That I’ll be alright / Even when there’s no cure” encompass the overarching theme of this track. 

Bassea has plenty more music for you to check out, he’s in the early days of his career but the talent is evident and his consistency is admirable at such a novice point. He would make a great addition to your playlist among artists like ROLE MODEL, Conan Gray, or Declan McKenna. I encourage you to go for a late drive or stay up and watch the sky with “No Cure” playing in the back as the soundtrack to your night.